The NATO Defense College Foundation, the only existing think-tank bearing the name of the Alliance, was established in Rome in 2011. It grew out from a common intuition of the President Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo and the NATO Defense College top decision makers who understood the value of a non- profit NGO that could work beyond usual and institutional outreach, training, communication and scientific research activities.

While the tradition of stability and well-being is embodied by the principles of the Washington charter, the triple upheavals of the fall of the Soviet Union, the global economic crisis and the Arab Revolutions required a more focused, agile and innovative approach.

Therefore the NDCF strives at considering relevant issues not just in a descriptive or prescriptive way, but by catching the sense of events and the essential vectors of future developments. In a word: Charting ahead.

The principles stated in the preamble to the Washington Treaty of 1949 are our heritage.

Our mission is to promote the culture of stability and well-being in the North Atlantic area and in NATO partner nations.

Our aim is to meet the highest standards in contributing to public debate and future deliberations on strategic, security and geopolitical issues.

We foster dialogue through education, research and outreach to the challenges that we are confronting.

The Foundation is a unique combination of scientific freedom, private agility and institutional linkage. It builds upon the top level connections and operational experience in Trans-Atlantic outreach towards Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southern Mediterranean and West Asia.

Our scientific research consists of several activities: Strategic Trends, Food for thought, International conference, High-level seminar, advisory panels.

The aim of our activities is to empower for the future and to enable change, not to repeat mantras.

We deal with diversity and complexity in the globalised world. As a result, our work tries to understand and shape the Cooperative Multidimensional Security, as well as developing an insightful security conversation.

#StrategicTrend 🌏

From the 31st of July to the 2nd of August, #Bangkok hosted the 52nd #ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting and the #IndoPacific was high on the agenda of the participants.

To know more, read David #Scott's latest trend now available on our website ➡️ bit.ly/2KVhCdK
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🇧🇦 Deep #disagreement over #Bosnia’s future NATO membership is holding up the formation of a new national #government. 🇧🇦

Last Tuesday, the country's tripartite presidency failed to break the #deadlock over Bosnia's #integration with the #Alliance, the main stumbling #block to the establishment of a renewed state-level government almost 10 months after elections.

Read the full article by Balkan Insight here

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#MondayBook 📖

Today marks 🇦🇫 #Afghanistan’s 100th #IndependenceDay 🇦🇫 and we would like to share again with you our President, Ambassador Minuto Rizzo's book “The Road to Kabul”.

As NATO's #DeputySecretaryGeneral when the #Alliance’s operation in the country first began in 2003, he has been a privileged observer of its start, the complicated decision making on the strategy and its up and downs.

The volume offers an uncommon overall scenario of the #crisis and retraces the steps of an unprecedented effort of the international community to help #reconstruct the complex and fragile architecture of the #Afghan state. Moreover, going beyond the political and military dimensions, the author also provides the reader with a wider picture of the country's #culture, #history and #people.

Find more info on the book here➡️ amzn.to/31JQ164

#Afghanistan100 #WeAreNATO
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🇧🇦 10 months after #elections, deep #disagreement over #Bosnia’s future @NATO #membership is still holding up the formation of a new national #government 🇧🇦

Full article➡️ https://t.co/Mto1258xNb



Today marks #Afghanistan’s 100th #IndependenceDay and we'd like to repropose our President Amb. @minutorizzo's book.

As @NATO #DeputySecretaryGeneral in 2003, he offers a first-hand testimony of the #Alliance's involvement in the country

#UNIFIL Qualche riflessione per @AtlanticaEuropa sulla situazione in #Libano e sulle dinamiche regionali https://t.co/BRw0LYodum @maxmarotti @Assafir_Perrone @stefanodelcol @UNIFIL_ @Tenenti @ItalyMFA @SIOItweet @UniLUMSA @NATOFoundation @MinisteroDifesa @SM_Difesa @AgostiniFab

dangerous fragmentation is growing around the wolrd. We need to recognize that Europe remains, after all, an area of peace and stability

Siamo in una fase di crisi della governance internazionale? A @RadioRadicale i casi Libia, Afghanistan e Kashmir. Ne discutono @minutorizzo (@NATOFoundation), @cbertolotti1 (@AtlanticaEuropa) e @semprinif (@LaStampa). https://t.co/9dLNTU9dpg

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