The NATO Defense College Foundation was established in Rome in 2011. It grew out from a common intuition of the President Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo and the NATO Defense College top decision makers who understood the value of a non- profit NGO that could work beyond usual and institutional outreach, training, communication and scientific research activities.

While the tradition of stability and well-being is embodied by the principles of the Washington charter, the triple upheavals of the fall of the Soviet Union, the global economic crisis and the Arab Revolutions required a more focussed, agile and innovative approach.

Therefore the NDCF strives at considering relevant issues not just in a descriptive or prescriptive way, but by catching the sense of events and the essential vectors of future developments. In a word: Charting ahead.

The principles stated in the preamble to the Washington Treaty of 1949 are our heritage.

Our mission is to promote the culture of stability and well-being in the North Atlantic area and in NATO partner nations.

Our aim is to meet the highest standards in contributing to public debate and future deliberations on strategic, security and geo-political issues.

We foster dialogue through education, research and outreach to the challenges that we are confronting.

The Foundation is a unique combination of scientific freedom, private agility and institutional linkage. It builds upon the top level connections and operational experience in Trans-Atlantic outreach towards Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southern Mediterranean and West Asia.

Our scientific research consists of several activities: Strategic Trends, Food for thought, International conference, High-level seminar, advisory panels

The aim of our activities is to empower for the future and to enable change, not to repeat mantras.

We work in order to understand and shape the Cooperative Multidimensional Security

We deal with diversity and complexity in the globalised world. as a result our work tries to understand and shape the Cooperative multidimensional security, as where as developing an insightful security conversation.


The high level conference “Arab geopolitics from turmoil towards balances, stability and regional order” to be held in Rome on October 5-6 2017, organised by the NATO Defense College Foundation in cooperation with the Gulf Research Center, the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme, the NATO Defense College and the NATO Political Affairs and Security Policy Division is almost here!

Please be aware that due to the high request of registrations to the conference we managed to set a live streaming service in a separate place (salle d'écoute) for those who could not find available seats in the main conference room. ... See MoreSee Less

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"If the United States was forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy #NorthKorea".
These are some of the words spoken by the President of the #UnitedStates, #DonaldTrump, at the first meeting of the 72nd session of the United Nations #GeneralAssembly.

President #BillClinton solved the 1994 crisis by sending former President Carter to talk with the then North Korean president, while the current leaders of the two countries, on the contrary, continue to flex their muscles without talking to each other. Diplomatic efforts are necessary to solve the #Koreanpeninsula crisis while the world is watching breathlessly the events.

For an authoritative comment on the subject, we propose #CarloTrezza #Foodforthought, a former Italian Ambassador to Korea and a disarming and non-proliferation expert.

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goo.gl/rCmywT ... See MoreSee Less

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Arab geopolitics from turmoil towards balances, stability and regional order will take palce in #Rome on 5-6 October 2017

TO REGISTER: goo.gl/d2FhG1 ... See MoreSee Less

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#CarloTrezza new #Foodforthought on #KoreanPeninsula Crisis is online on @NATOFoundation website. Enjoy the article https://t.co/gz6n3OKF72

#MondayBook This book examines political economic social transformation of the 6 member of the #GCC Available @ LKC https://t.co/01jvy6lEN9

#Italy is the 1st troop contributor to #UN btw Western countries and 7th financial contributor to #Peacekeeping operations

#londonattack alle 19.30 circa interverrò @ZappingRadio1 con @gloquenzi per commentare ultimi sviluppi @NATOFoundation @SIOItweet

#NATOinthenews Enhancing resilience of @NATO members reflects refocusing of 2010 #Strategies more in @DrItho article https://t.co/00q8yenqI4

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