Geopolitics, Peace & COVID-19
NDCF – Institute for Economics and Peace Joint Webinar
June 18, 2020, Zoom Platform




  • Lea Perekrests, Deputy Director of Europe & MENA, Institute for Economics and Peace
  • Alessandro Politi, Director, NATO Defense College Foundation
  • Benoî d’Aboville, Ambassador, Vice-President, Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique

Moderator: María José Maldonado, Executive Assistant, Institute for Economics and Peace





The 2020 Global Peace Index was presented by Lea Perekrests, Deputy Director of Europe & MENA at the Institute for Economics and Peace. This index is one of the most comprehensive data-driven analyses on trends in peace, its economic value, and how to develop peaceful societies. This year’s report outlines key 2020 highlights, global rankings, regional overviews as well as country improvements and deteriorations in peace. Uniquely, this edition will cover three new topics: trends in civil unrest, ecological threats, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms Perekrests also discussed IEP’s newly released COVID-19 and Peace report, which summarizes the crisis through the lens of socio-economic development and peacebuilding. Specifically, it discusses changes in socio-economic systems, changes in patterns of violence and conflict, and analyses which countries are best positioned to deal with the crisis and those that are not.

Dr Alessandro Politi, Director of the NATO Foundation, underlined how COVID-19 has been a global stressor with different effects on democracy, the current world disorder and its transatlantic effects.

Ambassador Benoît d’Aboville, Vice-President of the Foundation pour la Recherche Stratégique reflected on the possible consequences for Europe and its relations with major powers.


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