“The spirit of our endeavour is, To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”

Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo, President

Is NATO indispensable?
The Brussels Summit
18 may 2017

The NATO Brussels Summit has just ended. Time has come to address open issues, such as rethinking the political nature of the Alliance, burden sharing, the defence spending target, NATO’s counter-terrorism strategy and the future of partnerships in the Gulf, the Mediterranean and elsewhere.
The Foundation has decided to organize this important high-level seminar with two main objectives:
To convey to a selected Italian and international audience the main points which will be discussed at the Summit of May 25, inaugurating the new Headquarters of the organization .
To facilitate a more focused and practical discourse about the function of the Alliance, which is updating its overall strategy to respond to external threats and to shape geopolitical dynamics.
In conclusion, the seminar will focus on the relevant dimensions of the Atlantic Alliance, in order to provide the public with a serious in-depth analysis, taking into account present realities in a challenging international scenario. The speakers are of the highest quality. The main question remains: is NATO indispensable, and why?




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