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Strategic Balkans is a project by the NATO Defense College Foundation which aims to bring together partner organizations focusing on the Western Balkans. The region is of great historical and strategic importance for the European continent and NATO and deserves to be analysed in depth.

The project is composed by:

The Press Review is a collection of the most important articles reported by the international press about and from the Balkans. The review aims to create a monthly context about the situation in the region, from which the reader will be able to formulate a clear picture of the events in the Balkans.

The Activities, which include all the conferences, seminars, book presentations that Balkan-watchers should not miss.

The Publications and the Commentaries made by experts from the region who will touch upon the hottest issues of the area.


In occasione della nostra conferenza "Afghanistan and Central Asia: Looming priorities and regional un-balances", tenutasi lo scorso 4 ottobre, l'Ambasciatore Shukria Barakzai è stata intervistata da Ettore Guastalla per sulla condizione femminile in #Afghanistan e sul ruolo che le donne devono e dovranno rivestire nel futuro del Paese.

Il servizio completo è disponibile al link ➡️
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"Contemporary Debates on #Terrorism" (a Routledge Politics, IR and Strategic Studies publication) by Richard Jackson and Daniela Pisoiu provides readers with an overview of the concept of terrorism, its root causes and recent debates in terrorism studies. Some of the topics discussed include the rise of #ISIL, #Cyberterrorism and the role of religious #extremism.

The book is available at the NATO Defense College Library.
To visit the Library, external visitors are kindly invited to fill in the request form and return it to the Library by e-mail to

For any other information on the LKC please, visit this link:

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L'ultima lezione di oggi della Autumn School #Terrorismo dopo #Raqqa è tenuta da @Marco Cochi, giornalista esperto di Africa per Nigrizia.

Il suo intervento su #alQaeda in Africa.
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In occasione della nostra conferenza su #Afghanistan e #AsiaCentrale, l'Ambasciatore @ShukryaBarakzai è stata intervistata da @EttoreGuastalla per @RaiNews sulla condizione femminile in #Afghanistan.

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"Contemporary Debates on #Terrorism" by R. Jackson and D. Pisoiu offers an in-depth analysis of terrorism, its root causes and recent debates in terrorism studies. (@Rout_PoliticsIR)

To learn more, find this book at the @NATO_DefCollege Library.


‼️Our conference "Targeting the de-materialised "Caliphate" - Extremism, radicalisation and illegal trafficking" will take place in #Rome on December 6, 2018‼️

To know more about the event, please click ➡️

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Alcune considerazioni sugli effetti delle sanzioni nel contrasto all'#Iran e agli #Hezbollah @SIOItweet @LumsaNews @UniLUMSA @NATOFoundation @ilgiornale

Autumn School #Terrorismo dopo #Raqqa, @afrofocus interviene parlando di #alQaeda in Africa

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