“The spirit of our endeavour is, To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”

Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo, President

The conference is organised in cooperation with the Representative Office of Taipei in Italy, the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, and Formiche
This year, for the Indo-Pacific section, the Foundation will explore Taiwan’s Evolving Role in the International Arena of Non-Military Security and the Interdependent Economy.
How does Taiwan’s dynamic civil society and democratic progress influence its global interactions, especially given its complex relationship with the PRC and its vital semiconductor industry? 
What advancements can Taiwan make in its partnerships within the Indo-Pacific, European, and transatlantic networks amid shifting geopolitical dynamics?
How can Taiwan enhance regional and global stability through soft security measures (i.e., crisis prevention, health management, and addressing hybrid threats) involving both public and private stakeholders? 
The hybrid seminar will featured two panels, with in-person sessions held in Italy and remote contributions from relevant institutions in Taiwan.
The working language will be English and all further details are in the event’s programme.


29th of May 2024
From 2.30 PM (CEST)

Rome | Sala Cavour
Le Méridien Visconti Hotel
via Federico Cesi. 37)


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