Historic peace declaration between Ethiopia and Eritrea: what’s next?

On Monday 9th of July, a momentous “Joint Declaration of Peace and Friendship” has been signed by Ethiopia and Eritrea in Asmara, officially ending the twenty years long state of war that has been agitating the border between the two countries since 1998. Paradoxically, the agreement saw the light…read more.


afghanistan and central asia: looming priorities and regional un-balances

In the first panel the discussion will focus on Central Asian security and the interplay of major powers (China, India, Russia and USA). The second will consider the Afghanistan-Pakistan relationship and surrounding areas. Implications for the region. The third panel will analyse the impact of NATO’s presence, as well as the international community, in supporting the stabilization of the country…read more.

For any other info about the conference or the registration please, contact ndcf.afghanistan2018@gmail.com

As Brexit goes by, the CSDP is incresingly muddled

Alessandro Politi

Much has been said on the Brexit, probably one of the worst and ill managed political decisions in the history of Britain, but not so much about its security impacts on two key aspects: security-development nexus and the fight against terrorism. The first is essential in avoiding costly humanitarian operations that bear no fruit, the…read more.