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Our mission is “to promote the culture of stability and well being in the North Atlantic area and in partner nations”
The principles stated in the preamble to the Washington Treaty of 1949 are our heritage

NATO Defense College Foundation Working Paper

Eleonora Ardemagni and Umberto Profazio

New Armies for a New Era. Decrypting post-2011 Arab Military Reforms: Trends from Tunisia and the United Arab Emirate….Read more



The Western Balkans at a crossroads

More than twenty years after the end of the wars of Yugoslavia’s dissolution, the easy-to-obtain part of the integration process between the Western Balkans and the Euro-Atlantic institutions has been reached, however today we meet the hardship. The prospect of EU/NATO integration remains…read more.


The Strategic Trends

The Strategic Trends are one of our most followed features.

No clutter, no opinions, they are designed for busy decision makers and answer hard questions: What is the direction? Are there alternative developments hidden from the gaze of other observers?


President Trump and the US Congress dealing with the JCPOA on Iran’s nuclear activities – Carlo Trezza

On October 13, 2017, Donald Trump took the unprecedented decision to stop certifying  Iran’s compliance with the Joint Comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA).He also did not certify that suspension of sanctions ” is appropriate and proportionate to measures taken by Iran with respect to terminating its illicit nuclear program and vital to U.S. national security interests”. In reality, the international body institutionally competent for certification of compliance, the IAEA, had already ascertained  8 times that Teheran was abiding by the deal. To justify his decision president Trump originally indicated that Iran was not in compliance with ” the spirit” of the deal. He, however, stopped short, of reimposing the sanctions which had been removed by the JCPOA agreement and he delegated the decision on this matter to Congress. It is now up to Congress to decide whether to reimpose nuclear sanctions and try to rewrite the deal. In spite of the fact that the clock is ticking, Congress does not seem eager to handle this  “hot potato”. Other vital issues are presently on this year’s end agenda…Read more