Istvan Szentkereszty de Zagon

Master’s degree in National Security and Defense from the National War College of Bogotá, Colombia. Master’s degree in geopolitics and global security from La Sapienza University, Rome. Professor and research coordinator for the promotion course from major to lieutenant colonel in the National War College of Bogotá.

Matteo Gerlini

Teaches History and Policy of Scientific Research in the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He collaborates with the Joint Research Centre of European Commission, and participates as observer in the Steering Committee of Nuclear Energy Agency of OECD.

Matteo Marsini

Professional in international relations and diplomatic affairs. Analysts’ board member of Il Nodo di Gordio Think Tank.
Master’s degree in diplomatic studies from the the Italian Society for International Organisations (SIOI), Rome. Master’s degree in international relations from LUISS University, Rome.