“The spirit of our endeavour is, To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”

Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo, President

After a period where the threats perceptions were palpable and easily recognisable, NATO has now the delicate task to rebuild a consensus on its fundamentals and its missions.
The Atlantic Treaty and the Preamble reflect a different world and a different set of liberties. What kind of political role for the Alliance: purely regional or with an important out of area component? How to articulate this role with the EU and outside Europe? What does really mean 360-degree security? In fact the NATO 2030 document clearly recognises “An era of heightened geostrategic competition, combined with non-state and trans-boundary threats demands more frequent and comprehensive utilisation of the NAC for this purpose.”
Part of the internal political debate will revolve around traditional issues (the new Strategic Concept, a more political role for NATO, the reform of the burden sharing), but it is rather evident that we have entered an era where the challenges are more complex than before and require an in-depth discussion.
Right a few days ahead of this year’s NATO Summit, announced for the 14th of June in Brussels, the conference will delve into the meeting’s main topics of discussion with a high-level and timely preparatory debate on the future of the Alliance.
Structured over two days, the event will dedicate the first session to the harmonisation of different priorities among Allies and the cooperation with the EU, taking stock of the work underway around the reform of the Alliance (Group of Reflection and NATO 2030 agenda).
An agile and lively debate on the value of allies and multilateralism will then follow, with two international leading figures in the field of international security interviewed by a Politico correspondent.
On the second day, another session will explore possible scenarios to achieve mutual security with global partners, in the framework of a credible engagement and possible deterrence. The objective remains to keep NATO as the best security provider at international level.
According to the current rules, the event will be organised without the public.
Speakers only will be set on stage and the discussion will take place and live streamed in a content-rich, interactive television style.


9th and 10th of June 2021 (from 3 PM CEST)

Live-streamed from the
Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel


#NATO2021 #NATO2030 #WeAreNATO

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